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23 Foods To Eat After Oral Surgery

Sep 24, 2018

It’s never more obvious how much we depend on healthy teeth as in the aftermath of oral surgery. Whether you’ve just had wisdom teeth removed or dental implants embedded, you’ll want to stick with soft foods that won’t cause more pain or disrupt the healing process. However, finding foods to eat after oral surgery, especially ones that are filling, can be tough. If you’re wondering, “What can I eat after dental surgery?” we have the list of soft and liquid foods you need to add to your diet.Foods To Eat After Dental SurgeryAlways follow the post-surgery care instructions from your Bridgeport dentist, but here are some of the best foods after dental surgery:
  1. Applesauce: Store bought or make your own by cooking apples until tender and blend together.
  2. Avocado: Mashed or mixed with another oral surgery food recommendation, like cottage cheese.
  3. Bananas: Mix up in a smoothie (don’t use a straw to drink) or blended with yogurt.
  4. Broth: When you need a little more substance, chicken, beef or vegetable broth will work.
  5. Cheesecake: A soft piece of cheesecake makes recovering from oral surgery a little more bearable.
  6. Cheeses: Soft or melted.
  7. Cottage Cheese: Mix with soft fruit or vegetables for a more filling food after dental surgery.
  8. Custard: Fresh from your kitchen (if you’re up to it), or ready-made from the store.
  9. Eggs: Scrambled or over easy eggs are ok to eat after dental surgery.
  10. Fish: Tuna is quick and easy.
  11. Guacamole: Liven up your avocado with a little salsa and lime.
  12. Hummus: Skip the crunchy chips, but hummus on tender veggies or soft bread is a great post oral-surgery snack.
  13. Ice Cream: One of the best foods to eat after oral surgery is ice cream, but skip the crunchy toppings.
  14. Jell-O: The go-to food after oral surgery or tonsil removal.
  15. Juice: Replenish nutrients with fresh, 100 percent fruit juice.
  16. Macaroni & Cheese: Soft with melted cheese (not crunchy baked edges).
  17. Mashed Potato: Blend potatoes well.
  18. Oatmeal: Homemade or from the packet, oatmeal is a good food after dental surgery.
  19. Peanut butter: Eat it by itself or add it to fruit, and avoid crunchy style.
  20. Pudding: Add some cool whip for a treat!
  21. Sherbet: A snack that tastes good but can also help relieve pain after major dental work.
  22. Smoothies: Fresh fruit, cream or yogurt, and some honey will make a nice meal replacement, but don’t use a straw after oral surgery.
  23. Yogurt: Go for plain or the kind without fruit seeds.
Types Of Dental SurgeriesYour dentist office in Trumbull will let you know what you can eat and what to avoid based on your surgery and post-care requirements. Some of the most common dental surgeries that call for you to adjust your diet – at least for a few days – include: As you heal from dental surgery, you’ll be able to eat more solid foods. Rely on your Shelton dentist to let you know how quickly you’re healing and when you can return to your normal diet.