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4 Ways Full Mouth Dental Implants Improve Your Smile

One or several missing teeth can be remedied by a number of different solutions. Your Bridgeport / Trumbull Line dentist may suggest dentures or a dental bridge, both of which will solve the issue of missing teeth and help restore your confidence. Another solution your dentist may offer is full mouth dental implants. Dental implants provide distinct advantages over other treatments to restore missing teeth. Understanding how full mouth dental implants work and recognizing their benefits can help you make the best decision for your oral health and get your smile back to a healthy state. ...

Why The DIY Braces Trend Is Dangerous

In a world where you can learn to do nearly anything by watching a video on YouTube, the idea of DIY braces is giving many the false belief that professional dentistry can be completed in their living room. The common misconception that repairing gaps in teeth is a simple process has led many people to attempt the job themselves. However, orthodontics is very complex and should only be performed by a professional Bridgeport Trumbull Line dentist. Before major dentistry can be performed, your overall oral health is considered. What works in repairing one patient’s dental problems, may not ...

4 Ways To Protect Your Smile Over The Holidays

The holidays are the perfect time for family get-togethers and parties, which can present a few unique challenges in protecting your smile. The U.S. Department of Agriculture says the average American consumes more than 150 pounds of sugar a year, and between Halloween candy and Christmas cookies, the sugar intake can surge over the holidays. Here are four ways to protect your teeth and avoid searching for emergency dentist near me while you’re visiting family. Stay Hydrated Water is not only good for your body, but it helps protect your teeth as well. Drinking water with fluoride guards ...

Why You Should Choose One Dentist For The Entire Family

If you have children, your life is busy enough without having to stress over multiple dentist appointments and running to different dental practices for each need. Choosing a family dentist in Shelton for your oral care allows for coordinated dental care and helps build the relationship between your family and the dental team. Regular dental cleanings and exams should be a part of each family member’s bi-yearly routine. Professional cleanings every six months for multiple people can add up to a lot of time, appointment tracking, and remembering who sees which dentist. To avoid the ...

5 Preventive Tips for Avoiding the Dentist

Visiting the dentist can be far from fun for many Americans. In fact, research shows that nearly 75% of U.S. adults have some level of fear with regards to visiting the dentist. While our Shelton and Bridgeport dental teams love seeing our patients, we know most would rather avoid unnecessary visits to the family dentist. Dental checkups should be a part of your family’s dental hygiene care, but if you want to avoid the dentist any other time, here’s how to do it. Routine dental checkups Taking proper steps to care for your teeth and gums will help most people stay out of the dentist ...

How To Care For Your Dental Bridge

Dental bridges and dental implants are both used in dental work to restore the appearance and functionality of the teeth. However, there are key differences in the two corrective options. A professional Shelton dentist will be able to explain which dental procedure is best for your needs, but knowing what to expect from either procedure and understanding the aftercare is crucial to the upkeep of the changes. What is a Dental Bridge? A dental bridge is a restorative technique used by dentists to fill the gap left by a missing tooth. This dental repair uses your existing teeth as anchors to ...

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Worth It?

Even when we know a particular change is for the better, we can be hesitant to move forward. If you find yourself covering your mouth when you talk, rarely smiling, or looking down when you speak, it’s time for a cosmetic dentistry change. Your smile has the power to boost your confidence and allow people to see and hear everything you have to offer the world. Although there’s a clear understanding that advanced cosmetic dentistry will create a visible and emotional change, you may hold off for a number of reasons. Anticipating major change can be exciting, but before making any ...

Can Gum Disease Be Cured Without A Dentist?

If your gums are irritated and swollen or your brushing routine is filled with streaks of red from bleeding gums, you may be dealing with gum disease. Gum disease causes include a number of different factors, but it begins with bacteria settling on and in between your teeth. Whether you’ve noticed severe gum disease symptoms or your dentist has confirmed that the disease is present, you may consider whether gum disease can be cured without dentist care. In order to answer that question, let’s walk through gum disease causes, treatment options and what to do once gum disease is detected. ...

Can TMJ Be Cured At Home?

Jaw pain isn’t something you want to ignore. While there are a number of at-home treatments you can use to help prevent or alleviate pain in your temporomandibular joints (TMJ), it’s crucial to get to a dentist in Shelton for an evaluation before the pain spreads to other parts of your body. TMJ treatment from a dentist will help prevent additional challenges that can result from TMJ disorder like migraines, earaches, and neck and shoulder pain. What Is TMJ? TMJ, also known as Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome, is tightness and inflammation of the joint that connects the jaw to the skull. ...

23 Foods To Eat After Oral Surgery

It’s never more obvious how much we depend on healthy teeth as in the aftermath of oral surgery. Whether you’ve just had wisdom teeth removed or dental implants embedded, you’ll want to stick with soft foods that won’t cause more pain or disrupt the healing process. However, finding foods to eat after oral surgery, especially ones that are filling, can be tough. If you’re wondering, “What can I eat after dental surgery?” we have the list of soft and liquid foods you need to add to your diet. Foods To Eat After Dental Surgery Always follow the post-surgery care instructions from your ...