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Solve Your Family’s Dental Problems With Family Dentistry

Some dentists’ offices will only see adult patients. But at DeJesus Dental Group, we proudly serve your whole family, from children to adults. The highly trained family dentist at our Bridgeport/Trumbull Line and Stratford locations can provide almost any kind of dental services your family needs. Call our dental office at 203-916-9348 for family dentistry Bridgeport, CT area and  203-212-8259 for family dentistry Stratford, CT area appointment.

When Should I Bring My Child In For A First Visit?

Many people think that, because children have teeth that are going to fall out anyway, there’s little need to bring children to the dentist early on. Unfortunately, that is untrue. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends children be seen for the first time when either the first tooth appears or your child has his or her first birthday, whichever comes soonest. This is to make sure there are no problems that could fester and get worse.

Why Do So Many Teenagers Get Braces?

Primary or baby teeth serve as guides for the permanent teeth, giving those adult teeth an idea of where and how they should sit in your mouth. But as you know, these teeth can come in crooked or misaligned. Orthodontic treatments can fix this, but the teeth should come in fully before trying anything. These treatments often require a bit of self-discipline as well, such as keeping the braces free of food and using a retainer regularly. That’s why many people get braces in their teen years.

Can Adults Get Braces Too?

Traditional braces can be used on anyone from teenage years on up. But because the metal brackets and wires are so associated with being a teen, many adults would rather keep dealing with crooked teeth than be embarrassed by looking that immature. That’s why our Bridgeport/Trumbull Line dental office offers Invisalign. These clear plastic trays fit comfortably over your teeth and gently move them into their appropriate positions. But, unlike braces, they are practically invisible when worn. We also offer ceramic braces, and Incognito (behind the teeth) braces.

What Are Sealants Used For?

Food particles can easily get stuck on the irregular biting surfaces of your teeth, especially molars. And where food collects, harmful bacteria are soon to follow. To help prevent such breeding grounds for bacteria and tooth decay, our dentists can use a sealant that fills in some of the biting surface, making it easier to clean but harder for bacteria to thrive there.

Do I Really Need To Wear A Mouthguard For Sports?

Wearing an athletic mouthguard during biking or contact sports is very important. Getting hit in the mouth could lead to serious dental problems such as a broken or knocked-out tooth. Athletic mouthguards can help prevent damage to your teeth and gums should an emergency happen. Store-bought ones are sometimes uncomfortable, which is why we can custom-make mouthguards for you and your children.

With our family dental services, you only have to bring your whole family to one place for everyone’s care. For more information about how we can help your family have healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime, or to make your next appointment, call today at 203-916-9348 for family dentistry Bridgeport, CT  Line or 203-212-8259 for family dentistry Stratford, CT. You can also use our convenient online form to contact either location.

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