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Curious About Our Work? Hear From Our Real Patients

At DeJesus Dental Group, we are proud to serve the communities of Bridgeport/Trumbull Line, Stratford, Milford, Fairfield, Monroe, and all of Fairfield County with excellent dental care. To help show you how we can help you and your family, here are some testimonials from real patients at our Bridgeport/Trumbull Line and Stratford, CT dental offices talking about their experiences with our dentists.

If you have any questions about how DeJesus Dental Group can help your family with great dental care, or if you are ready to schedule your next appointment, call today at 203-372-1220 for Bridgeport/Trumbull Line or 203-378-9737 for Stratford. You can also use our convenient online form to contact either location.

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    It was over a period of time. I explained that I was going to Florida for a couple of months. He said, “Let’s get going. Let’s do some of the preliminary work early on.”, which involved measuring the depth of the bone structure, doing the necessary periodontal work beforehand. Once I got back from Florida, they began the actual process. They did the, I believe, bottoms first, and then the tops. There was no pain. It was effortless. It was probably, if I recall, about a 2 hour process, both for the bottom and the top.

    In-between, they would insert temporary and that gave me the ability to chew and basically do everything I would normally do. On the last visit, they inserted the teeth. Each one was done individually so that if there was ever a problem, that individual tooth could be taken out, but generally it went very smoothly. Since then, I’ve been going through routine checkups and getting cleanings every four months.

    It was to the point where I had so many fillings and so many silver fillings, which I wanted to get out, that I knew that either I had to do something extraordinary like replacing every filling with porcelain-type or taking the next step and having the caps installed.

    Come in, meet the people, have a cleaning done, and you’ll get an immediate impression that this is a very professional operation. You’ll come back. As a matter of fact, I have already recommended my wife, who is now a patient, my daughter, and soon, my son-in-law.

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    Back in the 60’s, my father used to take me to a dentist that didn’t use Novocaine. He figured that would be deterrent, for me to be taking care of my teeth. It actually was the opposite. I went to dentists after that, and they were good. They took care of me. They weren’t bad, but the thing is, they just did the basic, whatever they needed to do that day. They never really pushed on me on, what do you want to do long-term? I said it was time to change dentists, because I had to get an implant. I said, “I’m going to go to a different dentist.”

    That’s when I went to DeJesus. He explained me the implant process. I was comfortable with his explanation. Then, after he fixed that one tooth, we did the other six. It went well so far. It hasn’t been any discomfort. It takes a little while, because everything has to heal properly. He guides you through the step, what you’re actually doing. My feeling is that, if you want a good dentist, you want a good practice behind you, people that are good, the DeJesus practice is good.

    They take care of you. They tell you what your options are. They don’t pull no punches. They tell you what, it’s real. They discuss all your options to do the work. Some people think it’s too much money to be spending on your mouth. No. You’d be surprised. Your mouth is very important. Everyone looks at your teeth. Your eyes, your teeth are the two things that people look at. You have to be comfortable with that. If you’re not comfortable with that, you’re going to have problems. I think that anyone that comes to Dr. DeJesus will feel comfortable, and they will like his work. His work is good.

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    I had a friend who did it, not necessarily here. Then my wife saw it, and my wife was like, “You need to get it done.” I came here. After going to other places I realized that this would have been the perfect place based on the interaction we had previously. I came here and I discuss it with the doctor and he said, “Okay, yeah. This is something that we can do, and we’ll be happy to do.” I’m like, “Okay.” I’m comfortable here from beginning anyways, so there’s no need for me to go anywhere else. I really didn’t expect it to be so smooth. Everything, the process was very, very smooth. There was little or no pain. When we we’re finished, my wife liked it. Everybody they were like, “Wow, it’s a new you.” It was good. I know the industry is customer service driven, so I’ve always said to them, “Listen, when you’re here, feel as though you’re in the living room sitting down being catered to by your best friend.” Everything is on the table for you just to accept and carryout whatever you’re there to do.

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    I’ve always noticed beforehand, that all my pictures were one of these. Now it’s full blown smile. It’s the best smile in the picture, you know? My mouth is healthy, which is a good thing. You know what I mean? I don’t have toothaches which we probably all had in the past. They’re terrible. I’ve been coming here for maybe 4 or 5 years now. My work is done. I just come for my cleanings and my checkups. My parents both started coming here, and they left their dentist, started coming here. I have family coming here. Anybody that I hear that has a tooth problem or anything, listen, I’m the man you talk to. I’ve done it all, I’ve been through it all, these are the people to go to. They take care of you, they make you look good, and you’re happy, and you’re happy with their work.

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    I had all my top teeth re-capped, and over the years I had some capping done on a couple of teeth, here and there, on the top, and particularly the two front teeth. The color was different, a little bit different, and I was starting to get a decay over here. I just started to become conscious of not really … When I smiled, like, ooh, I didn’t want to call attention to it to much.

    During the course of seeing Dr. DeJesus over a year, we were going to do caps, and then I asked him, “What about the color? Will I have a third color of tooth?” He said, “Probably, because it’s hard to match.” That’s when I decided to just go for the whole thing, so it would all be one, look even. Now, I really do like to smile.

    Dr. DeJesus really knows what he’s doing. He’s certainly up on everything new. He’s not going to tell people to do something that … Give you options of what you can do. He’s genuinely concerned about your dental health and going forward. The staff, in Stratford, the convenience of it being so close … He is caring, compassionate, a very good dentist. Really, really pleased with him, and I have recommended him.

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    I came in for an examination. They looked over my teeth. They took the 3D model pretty much. He just said, “Are you ready?” I said, “Sure!” I didn’t expect to get them on. He pretty much put them on the same day. I left work during lunch without braces and came back with braces.

    The whole process has been pretty good. He’s been checking up on me every month, and sometimes it’s bi-weekly. We see the finish line right now. We’re just moving on. He’s doing any adjustment he has to make to make sure I have that perfect smile. If you look and the before and after of my teeth, especially it’s only been a year, and I’m going to be finished next month.

    If you want good results, and if you want honesty, you should come to this practice. I’ve been to other places and they said, “Oh, you can do it in six months with certain braces.” Then I came here. My doctor told me, “You know, you’re going to need the metal. You’re going to need this and that.” He was very honest with me. He told me it would take about a year. I really appreciated that, because I’d rather get the full truth than half a lie and feel let down afterwards.

    I really like the honestly of my doctor. I like his work. I like the staff. It’s been a good journey here. I’m on my last leg, and I would recommend this company to anybody who wants to get their teeth fixed.

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    Over the years I never really liked my smile. It’s a lot better now ever since I’ve had everything done, and I’ve gotten so many compliments from people. That’s how I’ve been able to refer people here. Just with the implant itself. It’s not a small surgery. I felt like it was nothing. It was just really, really nothing. It was very easy to get through. From when I’ve told people that that needed the same surgeries, this is why people have come over an hour. They’ll come up here and see him. My best friend comes here with her husband. They say the same thing.

    I have to say, it’s … Every time I feel like I open my mouth, everyone’s always saying, “Wow. Your teeth look great. They’re white.” I always say, it’s Dr. [DeJesus 00:00:47], that’s why. It’s not just me. People have known me, knowing my teeth have never been good since I was about 7 years old. All the bad experiences. I finally found somebody that is great, and you need to go. You just definitely need to go, and you’ll be satisfied, and you’ll always want to go back because you just will always feel comfortable. You’ll never be afraid, and that’s it.

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    He’s got some major projects underway doing some repair damage that come with we senior citizens over time that he’s got a big job ahead of him, and putting in place a number of implants to cover those teeth that I’ve broken in the past. They’re absolutely painless, and they’re quick, professional. When you can fall asleep in the chair while he’s doing a root canal, it’s not a bad deal. DeJesus bought the previous practices that I have been involved with. It had been 47 years involved with the dental practice, and what I see with DeJesus is investments in new technology and investments he’s made in his people that make a better proactive team.

    Big things that I would look at is the dentist says what he’s going to do, and then does what he says, and does it in a timely manner. Price is not as much an issue as hitting your value point so that the patient views that he’s got the value received for the price put forward.

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    I was scheduled to have two implants done. Prior to, about three days before, I was having trouble with another tooth. I called Dr. Dan. He got me right in and they tested to determine I had to have a root canal as well. Given with my insurance going to flip over and I was going away, we decided to do the two implants and the root canal in one sitting.

    We were a little worried about my anxiety with it, but Dr. Dan made sure that I was good. We talked a lot about it, had all the procedures done on a Friday. I expected to be horrible on Saturday and be in a ton of pain, and it was just a little tender.

    He kept me at ease, he called me Friday night. He called me Saturday. I was away a week and a half later in Myrtle beach, at lunch having a conversation. Friends were asking how I was feeling. Said it was great, good. My phone rings. It was Dr. Dan checking up on me, so it happened to be that exact moment. That’s the personal connection that sets this practice totally apart. I would recommend them in a heartbeat. I won’t go anywhere else. No matter where I live, this is where I will come.

    People have a lot of misconceptions. I know I did. I have a lot of anxiety about the dentist. They are people and they treat you like that. The biggest piece was they get to know you. I feel like they know me, and you have to have that trust and that care, and they have that. They give that to you, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I have recommended it to several people, and will continue to talk about them.

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    You know what’s so great about DeJesus Dental is, you walk in and they treat you like family. They’re warm. They’re engaging. There’s a innate professionalism, but above that professionalism, you feel welcome and they’re happy to see you. I love the fact that he takes a vested interest in everyone that comes in. He always asks how the kids are going, how their sports are doing. When they’re in, he’s asking them specifically, “How’s basketball? How’s cheerleading?” He treats them like they’re his own family. My oldest son, Richard, had some orthodontics done and braces and expanders and a couple of other things. What was so good for us and what made it an easy procedure was, not only did he have it that you had easy times to come and go, but also financially, no one likes to have to pay for orthodontics.

    He made it so simple to set up a 2-year payment plan, so it wasn’t a financial strain at all on us and it was just an easy decision for me and it was a great decision for my son. The niceness of that, coming to to Dr. DeJesus, he is a community dentist, so not only am I here. I walk in and I see my children’s friends. I see my girlfriends sitting in there with their kids, so you walk in and you feel comfortable. It just reinforces how good Dr. DeJesus is, that if everyone in the community’s going to him and our friends are going to him and their children are going, it makes you feel that, “Yeah, what I’m feeling, everyone else is feeling and it’s sincere.”

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    I love coming here because everyone is so friendly, and they’re very welcoming. They make it very easy. I was just thoroughly impressed with the office, the staff, the equipment, and the way he solved the problem. I don’t think anybody likes to have a root canal. I certainly was nervous; I’m a nervous patient, but it was very easy. Since I’ve been coming here, I’ve been telling friends and family. Whenever someone’s on Facebook and they don’t like their dentist, they need a new dentist, I always recommend them coming here. I’m a business person myself, so I don’t recommend a business to somebody unless I believe in them 100%. I know that they’re going to get great service here, and they’re going to be happy when they come here, so I easily recommend them to anybody that asks. Any time I overhear something, read something on Facebook, I say, “Don’t go anywhere else. You’ll be happy.”

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    I had been to a number of other dentists. I started to have some problems because of a drug that I take. A number of the drugs I take actually cause a problem with the … Mostly steroids, prednisone is one. They leach the calcium out from your jaw and everything, so your teeth start to have problems. I noticed them pretty quick, and Phil made a good assessment of it and decided on a better plan of action rather than the last dentist who I saw, who … He just wanted to take the easy road and I wasn’t up for that. I can smile again. I don’t have pain in areas I had pain. I mean, I was a train wreck. Hadn’t even thought about a dentist for a long time until one day a tooth started to hurt, and I went, “Oh, I’m in trouble. I’ve got to make a decision here.” It’s the friendliest atmosphere of any place I’ve ever been in. I mean, they’re just all friendly. They all know you by name. They walk by and high-five you. I mean, it’s really a very cheerful place, which helps, I would say, makes fifty percent of the visit nice.

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    I feel like I never really took care of my teeth and my smile before coming to him, so I think he’s motivated me to make that a priority. Before coming to him, I didn’t really consider what would happen if you didn’t have proper dental care, and since I started, you know, I’ve been with him 13 years now, so it feels like it’s a lifestyle. This is a really important part of life.

    I always had lack of confidence in my smile, so the Invisalign helped with that and I’ve had a couple whitening procedures that really helped my smile. In my opinion, there’s no comparison. This practice offers everything that you really need. It gives you confidence and they’re pretty straightforward, so you don’t feel like there’s anything hidden. Everything is right there for you.

  • Kelly G. Vilma and Lucy are wonderful…a true asset to the Dejesus team!
  • Aline Lacerda Amazing, as always.
  • Terry Best and most painless cleaning ever. Very professional staff is so friendly and accommodating.
  • Anonymous Anthony is a great guy, I like being his patient ,he is very professional. Thank you
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