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Dull, Yellow Teeth? Teeth Whitening Makes Them White Again

When you think of healthy teeth, you probably think of a full set of bright, white teeth. That’s usually the way our teeth start out, which is why that look is associated with good dental health. But nothing lasts forever. Your white teeth can slowly but inevitably start to turn dull, dark, and even yellow. No one wants to see that in the mirror, which is why teeth whitening has become a much more common treatment in dentistry. There are many products down at the drugstore that claim to whiten teeth, but only the professional-strength teeth whitening systems at DeJesus Dental Group can truly make your smile look its best. Schedule your treatment today, call our dental office at 203-212-8259 for teeth whitening treatment Stratford, CT area and 203-916-9348  for teeth whitening treatment Bridgeport, CT area.

Why Do Teeth Lose Their White Color Over Time?

Although your teeth might look pretty smooth, the enamel is home to very tiny grooves, indentations, and the like. Whenever you eat or drink something dark or colorful — coffee, tea, wine, tomato sauce, curry, and more — not all of it goes away. A tiny amount gets stuck in a few of those imperfections. At first, it’s such a small amount that you never notice. But after enough time, those stains start to add up, making your whole tooth look dull. Plaque can also take away that healthy white color, replacing it with a yellowish color.

Why Should I Worry About The Color Of My Teeth?

Regardless of what should happen, people tend to judge you based on your appearance. If you show up for work with ugly clothes, people will probably talk about you behind your back. The same is true when your teeth are dark or yellow. People see your teeth whenever you smile and talk, so they will quickly notice those ugly stains. This can also sap your confidence and self-esteem. By getting your teeth back to a healthy, bright appearance, you can build up your confidence.

Do Store-Bought Whitening Strips And Trays Really Work?

In order for products to be sold without a prescription, they are often made weaker or more diluted. The same is true for dental products like teeth whitening systems. While they can work, you usually end up having to use them so many times just to get your teeth white that it’s more cost-effective and time-effective to use a professional system offered by our dentists.

How Do Your Teeth Whitening Systems Work Better?

The professional teeth whitening offered at both our Bridgeport/Trumbull Line dental office and Stratford dental office is stronger and more long-lasting than over-the-counter systems. We offer Zoom chairside whitening system in our offices. The procedure lasts for only an hour. This fast but effective system uses a combination of hydrogen peroxide gel and a special light to activate the stain-removing gel. Once the gel is removed, your teeth will be significantly brighter and whiter — in just about an hour.

We also offer professional take-home trays so you can whiten your teeth at your convenience. While this takes longer than our in-office system, it is more affordable and still provides great results.

Teeth whitening can make you feel confident when you smile, and it’s hard to put a price tag on that. For more information about we can help your teeth become healthy and white again, or to make your next appointment, call today at 203-916-9348 for Bridgeport/Trumbull Line or 203-212-8259 for Stratford. You can also use our convenient online form to contact either location.

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