Have Yourself A Merry Christmas With Cosmetic Dentistry

Dec 1, 2016

When Christmas comes around, it’s time for parties, get-togethers, and big meals. Will you feel comfortable showing everyone your stained and unsightly smile? Call us today at our Bridgeport/Trumbull dental office (203-372-1220) or our Shelton dental office (203-378-9737) for cosmetic dentistry. Thanks to our dentists’ expertise, your smile can look amazing.

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help

At DeJesus Dental Group, our dentists are both well-trained and experienced in solving problems with cosmetic dentistry. With our help, you can have a smile that’s amazing. Just imagine a Christmas where your teeth look wonderful.

Here are some specific cosmetic dentistry treatments that can help make this Christmas even better.


Sometimes, you have damaged enamel without any pain or discomfort. That means you’re tempted to ignore it. The problem is that most other people cannot. Chips and cracks can stand out in your smile and make it harder to see the healthy teeth.

Dental veneers are thin shells that cover up the front of your teeth. Once placed, they seal up damaged and even stains. Instead, all that people will see this Christmas is a beautiful smile.


If your teeth aren’t damaged, they can easily be stained. Enamel isn’t smooth. Whenever you enjoy dark-colored food or drink (such as coffee and tea), a tiny amount can get trapped in the rough spots on your enamel. Do this for years, and it’s easy to see how white teeth can look grey or dingy.

That’s why you need to call us today for Zoom teeth whitening. Because our dentists want you to have choices whenever possible, you can use our in-office teeth whitening and be done in a day, or use our take-home version. Either way, your smile will look many shades whiter for Christmas.


Most people get orthodontic treatments when they’re younger. However, even the most even smile can get a few crooked teeth over the years. That’s because your teeth never really stop moving. All that chewing puts pressure on your teeth. As with stains, this builds up over the years.

Skip metal braces and call either of our Connecticut dental offices today for Invisalign. This modern orthodontic treatment is metal-free. It gently moves your teeth to where they should be. While it can take 6-12 months to complete, they’re made from clear plastic. People at Christmas can find it very hard to notice you’re even wearing them.


If you have minor cosmetic problems with your teeth like small chips, you may not need dental veneers. Instead, you can opt for tooth contouring. Here, one of our dentists will carefully smooth out rough spots on your teeth by taking away a small amount of enamel.

As you can imagine, this treatment needs a fair amount of experience and training to get right. Thankfully, all the dentists at DeJesus Dental Group are well-trained in using tooth contouring. It’s more affordable as well.


Instead of smoothing out chips and imperfections with tooth contouring, you can fill in those areas with tooth bonding. In this cosmetic dentistry treatment, our dentists will carefully apply some tooth-colored resin to the tooth. It soon becomes as hard as enamel, but while still malleable, our dentists will shape it to fill in cracks or chips.

As with tooth contouring, you need dentists who know what they’re doing. All our dentists have advanced training in cosmetic dentistry and have helped many patients over the years have great smiles with tooth bonding.


If you need a cosmetic dentistry solution fast for a Christmas gathering, call us today and make an appointment for a Snap-On Smile. These are custom-designed covers from your existing teeth. They literally snap into place over your teeth. That covers stains and damage like dental veneers, but these can be taken out whenever you need.


Don’t worry if you have several cosmetic problems with your smile. Our dentists can create a plan to address them all. This plan is called a smile makeover. By making this plan, you can get your cosmetic dentistry treatments in the right order. You can also have a better understanding of their costs, effects, and when they’ll be done.

Call us TODAY at our Bridgeport/Trumbull dental office (203-372-1220) or our Shelton dental office (203-378-9737) for an appointment. You can also book an appointment online.

This Christmas season, have one less thing to worry about. Cosmetic dentistry from DeJesus Dental Group can get rid of the stress and anxiety you can feel over your smile. Instead, you can feel confident and happy.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Consult a qualified dental professional to determine the best dental/orthodontic treatment for your needs.