5 Benefits Of Having One Family Dentist

Sep 6, 2016

Back when you were a kid, life seemed easier for just about everyone. Kids went and played, and adults did whatever adults do. Times have changed, and now parents are expected to be much more active in their children’s lives. Instead of going outside to play for hours, today’s kids need to be driven to soccer practice, then to band practice, and then to the mall to see their friends. Plus, you still need to do all those things adults do, like finish up that work project, cook dinner, and keep the house clean.

This is where having one dental office for your whole family can really come in handy. Here are five specific benefits you can have when you and your family all come to DeJesus Dental Group, your dentists in Bridgeport and Shelton.

  1. It’s easier to stay organized: Because you’re a parent, chances are you’re spread pretty thin as it is. Balancing work and family is very difficult, especially if you try to help your kids stay active in things like sports or school extracurriculars. Things get even crazier when you have more than one child. By having one dentist for your whole family, you can help take at least a little of that pressure off your shoulders. Instead of running from the dentist to the orthodontist and the periodontist, you can bring everyone to either our Bridgeport/Trumbull or Shelton dental office and be done with it. It saves gas, time, and some of your sanity.
  2. You’ll have better communication with your dentist — and family: Sometimes, running around all over town is the easy part. It’s trying to keep track of everyone’s details, information, and situations that can be tricky. If you’ve ever been to parent night at your kid’s school and had to talk to all of the teachers, you know what we mean. By having one family dental office, communication will be better, and you will have an easier time remembering everything. Also, remember the last time you spoke to your kids at dinner, and you tried to understand which friends they were talking about? It’s hard to keep all of those new people in mind. Having one dentist everyone sees can even help with that. When it’s time to talk about dental health, everyone will be on the same page. Plus, you won’t struggle to remember so many dentists’ names.
  3. Our dentists can deliver better care when they know you better: Heading to a new stylist or barber can be a bit unnerving. They don’t know you or your hair. Will they do a good job? Probably, but it’s likely that they won’t do as good of a job than your last person simply because they don’t know you yet. The same is true for any profession. If you and your family stick with one of our dentists, he will develop a rapport with your family and have a better understanding of what your teeth and smiles are like. And that means he can offer better treatment options. For example, if he knows your child is having a problem with snoring, he can keep an eye on that to make sure it’s not sounding like sleep apnea.
  4. Your children get to know our dentists: But it also works both ways. When you keep going to different dental offices, your children always have to get used to new faces, new rooms, and new personalities. Even the most extroverted person can get a bit shy at the dentist’s office. That’s because dental anxiety is a real problem that affects lots of people. Fear of the unknown is one of the greatest fears we can ever face, and going to new dentists means your family needs to get past the unknown all over again. But by staying with DeJesus Dental Group, your kids can get to know our dentists and staff. That means they will feel more comfortable going to the dentist and will be more likely to follow through with dental hygiene tips.
  5. Our specialists can easily share data and ideas: In the past, you went to a dentist for cleanings and exams. Then you went to an orthodontist in your teenage years to get braces. And if your gums were showing signs of gum disease, you saw a periodontist. Going to all of these different offices meant either lugging around a huge file of dental X-rays, lab reports, and exam notes or trusting the staff to somehow get all that data to each office. At both our Bridgeport/Trumbull and Shelton dental offices, we have all of those specialists under one roof. Not only can we treat almost any dental issue you and your family might have, but since all of your data is part of the same dental practice, our dentists can more readily know what’s going on.

Call either of our two Connecticut offices — Bridgeport/Trumbull at 203-372-1220 or Shelton at 203-378-9737 — or book an appointment online to learn more about how our family dentist practice can help you and your whole family get healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Consult a qualified dental professional to determine the best dental/orthodontic treatment for your needs.