Why Custom Mouthguards Are Great For Anyone

Oct 14, 2016

Every time you get out on the field or ice, you are putting your teeth at risk. How can you protect your teeth? Call the DeJesus Dental Group today to get a customized athletic mouthguard. All it takes is one bad hit or a stray ball, and your teeth can be cracked, chipped, or knocked out.

How Sports Can Put Your Teeth At Risk

Athletic mouthguards from either of our Connecticut dental offices help protect your teeth. This way, you can stay active and still be safe. How can being active put your smile at risk?

  • Getting tackled hard enough to slam your teeth together.
  • Getting hit in the mouth with a puck or ball.
  • Getting tripped on the court and landing hard.
  • Falling off a bike on to hard ground.

Call either of our two Connecticut offices to schedule an appointment with dentists who know how to customize an athletic mouthguard: Bridgeport/Trumbull at 203-372-1220 or Shelton at 203-378-9737. Our athletic mouthguards can be the difference between you having damaged or healthy teeth.

Regular mouthguards you buy in stores have drawbacks. They often fit poorly, feel uncomfortable, and don’t do a great job of protecting your smile. Our dentists can provide an athletic mouthguard that fits well and protects against damage and injuries. Here is how our mouthguards protect your smile.


How Our Mouthguards Protect Your Smile

Our mouthguards are custom-fitted for your mouth.

Most of the mouthguards you can buy in sporting goods stores are one size fits all. They might have a few sizes (like Small or XL), but for the most part, these are made for just one size mouth. What are the chances that your mouth will be the one it was made for?

This creates two problems.
The mouthguard can be uncomfortable to wear. Do you really need that kind of distraction when playing?
The mouthguard won’t protect your teeth as well. Would you wear a helmet that moved around on your head?

That’s why you should call us today for an appointment to get a customized mouthguard. Our dentists know how to shape them to fit your teeth in particular. This helps your mouthguard feel comfortable and protect your teeth better.

And what if you have braces? Our dentists can make your mouthguard to include protecting your braces. Store-bought ones usually cannot.

You can have an easier time breathing with our athletic mouthguards.

Even if you are the most fit person in Connecticut, you’re going to be breathing heavy after being that active. Store-bought mouthguards don’t fit well in your mouth. That means it can get in the way of you breathing. It won’t cut off your air, but you know how you need every breath sometimes.

Our dentists know how to customize your mouthguard so it fits well. It won’t get in the way of your breathing like the store-bought ones can. That’s why you should call us today.

The cost of a mouthguard is much cheaper than the cost of repairing and replacing damaged teeth.

Store-bought athletic mouthguards are probably cheaper. They not as good at protecting your teeth as our customized mouthguards. If you get injured and the cheap mouthguard doesn’t do it’s job right, you could still damage your teeth. Which sounds cheaper: buying a cheap mouthguard and then paying for dental work, or buying a mouthguard that works better?

Our dentists are experienced in restorative dentistry, so we can help if you get a chipped or cracked tooth. But the point of a mouthguard is to prevent these problems. Call us today to an appointment to get a mouthguard that can save you money in the long-run.

Even boil-and-bite mouthguards can have problems.

Some stores have mouthguards that claim to be customized. These are “boil-and-bite”mouthguards. You boil them to make them soft, then bite down on them to imprint your teeth. These are more customized than the regular kind, but they can still have problems. Unless you bit down perfectly, boil-and-bite mouthguards can still not fit right.

Call us today to get an athletic mouthguard that truly fits. Our dentists do the work to customize it, so all you need to do is call and make that appointment.

You might not be able to play without a mouthguard.

Athletic mouthguards are so important that many sports (especially contact and school sports) are requiring them these days. If your team requires mouthguards, which would you prefer: one that doesn’t fit well, or one that’s made specifically for your teeth?

Call us TODAY to get a custom-fitted athletic mouthguard and protect your smile: Bridgeport/Trumbull at 203-372-1220 or Shelton at 203-378-9737. Or, you can book an appointment online. Store-bought mouthguards just aren’t as comfortable or safe as our customized athletic mouthguards.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Consult a qualified dental professional to determine the best dental/orthodontic treatment for your needs.