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The Two Jobs Of Dental Crowns

Oct 10, 2016

Are your teeth chipped or cracked? Don’t suffer the embarrassment of a damaged smile. Call the DeJesus Dental Group today to get dental crowns. If you wait, you can continue to have problems with large cavities, severe damage, weak enamel, discolored teeth, and missing teeth.

What Damaged Teeth Do To Your Smile

A damaged tooth can make your whole smile look bad, especially if the tooth is chipped. It looks painful even if it’s not. You could have problems with:

  • Cavities too big for fillings
  • Severely damaged teeth
  • Work spots on your enamel
  • Discolored teeth
  • Missing teeth

Having a damaged or missing tooth can be more than a cosmetic problem. Chips mean your tooth has less enamel, making it weaker in those spots. A crack can grow worse over time. It can even allow harmful bacteria to get inside your tooth.

How DeJesus Dental Group Can Help

Our dentists take the time to get to know you. This way, you can get the right dental crown for your situation: porcelain-fused-to-metal, e.max, or zirconia. You will want a dentist with training and experience, and our dentists have the right mix of both.

Our dental crowns can give you the great teeth you deserve.

  • They will help your teeth look great.
  • They will help your teeth be stronger.
  • They can save your teeth from being extracted.

Call either of our two Connecticut offices to schedule an appointment today: Bridgeport/Trumbull at 203-372-1220 or Shelton at 203-378-9737. Our dental crowns can repair and beautify your teeth.

How Dental Crowns Help Your Smile

Repair a cavity that grew too big for a dental filling.
Cavities are common. Normally, you would get a dental filling to repair the damage. However, fillings need to bond with healthy enamel. If a cavity grew too big, there might not be enough enamel to keep the filling in place.

When this happens to your tooth, a dental crown can be used instead. It covers the visible part of your tooth. This seals up the cavity and makes sure it won’t grow any bigger. (That’s also why dental exams are so important. Call us today for your next appointment.)

Repair damage caused by an accident or injury.
Besides cavities, your teeth can get damaged from trauma. Getting into a biking accident, having a bad fall, or getting hit in the mouth can leave chips or cracks in your teeth. Even if the damage doesn’t hurt, it can get worse over time as you keep chewing with those teeth.

Dental crowns from our dentists will seal up any such damage. This makes sure the problems won’t get worse over time. Doing this also makes those teeth look natural and undamaged, helping your smile look great again. Call us today so our highly trained dentists can repair the damage.

Strengthen teeth worn down by bruxism.
Bruxism is a condition where you grind your teeth together, often without realizing it. This puts extra stress on your enamel and creates worn spots. The teeth are literally grinding enamel off each other. Where the enamel is worn, you are more likely to have more serious damage.

By calling the dentists who understand bruxism, you can get dental crowns to protect those worn spots. Porcelain, e.max, and zirconia will all add a layer of protection to teeth worn down by bruxism.

Cover all stains, including intrinsic ones that won’t go away with teeth whitening.
Your teeth can get discolored by coffee, tobacco, and just about anything dark that you eat or drink. Then there are intrinsic stains. These are discolorations deep in a tooth, They’re often caused by trauma or side effects of prescriptions drugs.

Teeth whitening won’t help with intrinsic stains, but dental crowns will. Whether you get porcelain, e.max, or zirconia dental crowns, they will look like white, healthy versions of the teeth they cover. Our dentists can also match the color of your dental crowns to your other teeth. This makes sure your dental crowns look natural in your smile.

Replace missing teeth with dental bridges or dental implants.
Sometimes, the problem is not that a tooth is damaged or unsightly. It’s that the tooth came out. Having a gap in your smile can be embarrassing. If you’re missing a tooth, call the dentists who have replaced many teeth over the years and have the experience to do it right.

Our dentists offer dental crowns as replacement teeth. Dental bridges use crowns on the neighboring teeth to hold a replacement in the gap without surgery. Dental implants use an implanted root to hold onto the replacement tooth with more security and stability.

Call either of our two Connecticut offices today to protect and save your teeth with dental crowns: Bridgeport/Trumbull at 203-372-1220 or Shelton at 203-378-9737. Alternatively, you can book an appointment online. Getting dental crowns placed at DeJesus Dental Group can make your teeth stronger and look great.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Consult a qualified dental professional to determine the best dental/orthodontic treatment for your needs.