There’s Still Time To Get Whiter Teeth For Summer

May 14, 2019

The warm summer months bring more than vacation season. With graduations, family reunions, and weddings just around the corner, it’s time to consider a teeth whitening routine that will give you the photo ready smile you desire. It’s a universal agreeance that whiter teeth can offer more self-confidence and a healthier appearance. A recent survey revealed 80 percent of Americans aged 18 to 49 want whiter teeth, with women leading in this area at 85 percent. If what consumers are willing to spend on teeth whitening products is any indication of the desire for sparkling teeth, then there’s hardly an argument for just an average smile.

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Americans spent more than $1.4 billion on over-the-counter teeth whitening products last year alone. In five years, experts predict global spending on teeth whitening will top $7.4 billion. But before we all rush out to stock up on whitening strips, pens and toothpaste, it’s important to stop and consider the best form of teeth whitening available.

Is Over The Counter Teeth Whitening Effective?

Over the counter teeth whitening products make promising claims to give you a brighter, whiter smile in a short amount of time. The challenge with those products, however, is that in order to be obtained without a prescription, the product must be diluted. Even when you do notice a change to the color of your teeth, it’s not long-lasting because of the weakened power of the product. In addition, many of the store-bought whiteners use abrasive ingredients to create a whiter smile, enhancing your sensitivity and potentially making eating and drinking painful.

The safer, more lasting alternative, is to rely on dental whitening from your Bridgeport and Shelton dentist. Teeth whitening at your dental office is much different than pasting transparent strips onto your teeth or coloring each tooth with a whitening pen. The DeJesus Dental Group offers the Zoom chairside whitening system in our offices. In just one visit of three twenty minute sessions, this effective system uses a combination of hydrogen peroxide gel and a special light to activate the stain-removing gel. There’s no waiting period as with over the counter products. Once the gel is removed, your whiter, more brilliant smile is revealed.

Benefits Of Dental Whitening

Having your teeth professionally whitened by a leading dentist in Bridgeport/Trumbull Line and Shelton means you’re not putting your oral health at risk. The American Dental Association reports store-bought teeth whitening products can cause irritation, redness and swelling of the gums. For this reason, the safest and most effective whitening options are delivered in your cosmetic dentistry office.

DeJesus Dental Group understands the time leading into the summer months may be a busy travel season for some. For those who prefer to receive high-quality teeth whitening results at home, professional take-home trays are available from our office so you can whiten your teeth at your convenience. The take-home option does take longer than the in-office treatment, but you get the same great results at a lower cost.

Because dental whitening products are so strong, the FDA limits full-strength teeth whitening to dentists. By visiting our welcoming dental offices in Shelton or Bridgeport / Trumbull Line, you receive professional-grade teeth whitening in only one visit of three twenty minute sessions.

Zoom teeth whitening treatments are extremely powerful. Depending on your oral needs, you’ll notice a multi-shade difference in your teeth color at the end of your visit. When you have your teeth professionally whitened, you don’t have to worry if you’re positioning the product correctly. Our highly skilled team of dental professionals will apply the whitening gel for you, ensuring the process will be performed safely and effectively.

The Opalescence whitening take-home kits have the gel proportioned in the trays for simple application. Unlike over the counter teeth whitening options, Opalescence does not use harsh abrasives to scrape away discoloration. Stains are gently and painlessly removed to restore your smile to its original brilliance. Whether you want to have a whiter smile for a summer wedding or simply desire the confidence to smile back in vacation photos, dental whitening from DeJesus Dental Group can meet your needs.

How Long Does Zoom Teeth Whitening Last?

One of the key benefits of choosing professional dental whitening over store-bought options is how long the results last. The needs of each patient are unique, so the results will differ for each person. For those seeking Zoom teeth whitening in Bridgeport / Trumbull Line or Shelton, the results can last several months before a touch up is needed. There are ways to make your white smile last longer.

  • Avoid highly pigmented foods and beverages (red wine, spaghetti sauce, coffee, etc.)
  • Improve dental hygiene at home
  • Schedule routine dental cleanings
  • Stop smoking or use of smokeless tobacco
  • Trade your coffee for green or white tea

You may also ask your family dentist about choosing a safe whitening toothpaste to use at home. Safe whitening ingredients can help you keep your smile looking brighter for longer.

For those prone to tooth sensitivity, we’re often asked if professional teeth whitening will intensify the problem. Zoom is a professional product designed to give you a whiter smile without damaging your teeth. If you’re concerned over your level of tooth sensitivity, you can use an anti-sensitivity toothpaste in the days ahead of your appointment. These types of toothpastes strengthen tooth enamel to reduce any sensitivity you may experience.

Teeth whitening for summer events doesn’t have to involve hard-to-use strips or enamel-stripping pastes. You can get a brighter, whiter smile for your vacation, wedding, or class reunion with one appointment of three twenty minute sessions at your Bridgeport / Trumbull Line or Shelton cosmetic dentist.

To maintain your luminous smile over the summer months, remember to brush at least twice daily and floss once per day. Use a straw when sipping colorful cocktails and as your travel schedule allows, slip back into the office for a follow-up dental whitening visit. The DeJesus Dental Group will be happy to schedule a consultation to discuss teeth whitening and any other dental services you may need to give you the confidence to smile back this summer.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Consult a qualified dental professional to determine the best dental/orthodontic treatment for your needs.