Fixed Implant Bridges 101: Process, Benefits And Results

Jul 16, 2019


Fixed implant bridges are the most advanced implants offered in Bridgeport / Trumbull Line and Shelton dentistry offices. The evolution of implant dentistry has created a streamlined approach to providing you with a healthy, new smile. With the option to use fixed implant bridge solutions for the upper jaw, lower jaw or full mouth restoration, the procedure is customized to your dental needs.


The brilliant smile so many long for can be accomplished without damaging bone or gums. A consultation with your trusted Shelton dentist will reveal the benefits of a fixed implant bridge and if they’re the best-fit solution for your needs.


What Are Fixed Implant Bridges?


Fixed implant bridges are an artificial, permanent replacement to missing, decayed or broken teeth. The implants have such a natural look, that only you will know the difference. Depending on your needs, there are different styles of fixed implant bridges from which to choose.


Upper Full Arch Dental Implant Restoration


When full arch restoration is used as a dental solution, the upper jaw is cleared of any remaining teeth, and given two to three months to heal before six dental implants are surgically inserted. During the wait time of the two-stage process, temporary teeth will be inserted the same day, so you never face a moment without a beautiful smile. Once the implants have healed, your Bridgeport / Trumbull Line dentist will use a computer-generated surgical guide to determine the best spaces for your implants.


Once the dental implants are inserted, the laboratory creates a custom, full arch restoration that mirrors a flawless, natural smile and healthy gum line. The full arch restoration can be mounted within five weeks of implant surgery. In just 16 weeks, you can have an upper set of beautiful teeth.


Lower Full Arch Dental Implant Restoration


In most cases, fixed implant bridges for lower teeth take only one surgical phase. The extraction of remaining lower teeth and implant surgery can typically be performed in one visit. As with the upper jaw restoration, temporary teeth are inserted before you leave the Shelton dentist office to ensure you’re confident in your smile throughout the entire process. Once the dental implants are secured, the permanent lower full arch can be attached in just five weeks.


Full Mouth Dental Implants


For patients with severe dental challenges, decay or damage, a full mouth restoration is the best resolution. A complete upper and lower full arch can be completed simultaneously. In most cases, completing a full mouth makeover means fewer appointments, decreased cost, and the ability to ensure each tooth position is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.


As with the full upper and lower solutions, you’ll never be without a natural-looking smile. Temporary bridge teeth are inserted while your gums heal from dental implant surgery before the permanent arch is inserted. The DeJesus Dental Group takes all precautions to make the fixed implant bridge process as short and painless as possible. We know you want a healthy smile and the confidence to smile back. That’s why we take the time in each consultation to listen to your goals and build a custom dental care plan to ensure your new smile is exactly what you want.


Fixed Implant Bridge Benefits


For many patients who have been told traditional dental implants won’t work due to bone loss, fixed implant bridges may still be an option. The process differs from traditional dental implants by utilizing a dental CT scan that can identify areas where bone is strongest. While bone grafting may be necessary, this process can work for some patients for whom the traditional method is unavailable.


Fixed implant bridges are designed to last many years. The core of the arch is a chrome cobalt metal material that is extremely strong. In the rare occurrence the veneer material is damaged, a replacement or repair can typically be performed at less cost than a conventional crown.


Fixed implant bridges are cared for just as natural teeth. You’ll schedule at least two routine cleanings each year and brush the implant like your real teeth. You’ll never have to take them out for cleaning or soaking overnight, making these solutions much more convenient than a traditional denture.


Your jawbone will stay strong when you opt for fixed implant bridges. With dentures, the jawbone will deteriorate because there are no roots for the bone to merge with. However, the titanium screws used in these implants act as your natural tooth root, helping support jawbone stability.


Only certain Bridgeport / Trumbull Line dentists who are extensively experienced in dental implants are able to perform these solutions. When you find a dentist, like DeJesus Dental Group, who is qualified to perform each step of the process, you know you’re working with the most highly qualified dental professionals.


Results Of Fixed Implant Bridges


Perhaps the biggest benefit to the fixed implant bridges is that the arch looks and feel like your natural teeth. You’re the only one who will know the difference. Thanks to the titanium screws, your teeth are held in place while eating, talking and drinking. You won’t experience any unexpected slips, as is possible with dentures, and unlike a dental bridge, there is no visible metal work that signifies unnatural teeth.


For those who wear dentures, have damaged or missing teeth, or suffer from periodontal disease, fixed implant bridges are often a great solution. Even though the teeth are artificial, you gain all the functionality and appearance of a healthy, vibrant smile. Because the arch is designed to last for decades, these solutions are a good fit for anyone from their early twenties and up.


Downtime is minimal. Most patients can resume normal activities within a few days. You may experience minor discomfort, and a few rare patients experience bruising. Expect to return to your normal schedule within three to five days. Call the DeJesus Dental Group for a consultation and discover if a fixed implant bridge is right for you.


Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Consult a qualified dental professional to determine the best dental/orthodontic treatment for your needs.